I have been a ham operator since the 1970's having the following calls along the journey.

As work and family took precedence,  I had long spells away from the hobby. As I'm now retired, I find I have more time to devote. I have a particular interest in all things digital.  I also enjoy making wire antennas for home and portable operations.  My latest ham radio interest is in the World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF) program  both as an activator and a hunter.

Icom IC-9300 for VHF/UHF
Icom IC-7300 for HF - Mainly digital modes
Yaesu-450D for WWFF Portable operations
Xeigu G90 for portable operations.
CS800D - mobile (In my Camper Van) for DMR and 2m/70cm analogue

Retevis RT3S Hand Held for DMR and VHF/UHF Portable
SDR for various other stuff

40m end fed halfwave
30m Inverted V
10/6m Moxon
Discone x 2

I am active on DMR using my Retevis RT3S and and a Raspberry Pi based MMDVM hotspot. For DMR mobile I use the RT3S or the CS800D via a SHARKRF Openspot 3 tethered to my phone.
My station PC runs WSJT-Z for FT8, Black Cat SSTV, EasyPal digital SSTV and various other ham related stuff.

When activating parks I use my FT450D or Xeigu G90 into various portable antennas.  The antenna selection is based on location, weather, time of day and other variables such as how lazy I am.  My antenna range is normally wire based and includes a 40m EFHW and a selection of mono band flowerpot antenna.

                                      NOAA wx satellite image from my station              ISS SSTV image from my station

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